Bankhead Real Estate Corp • Real Estate Project Management
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Bankhead Real Estate Corp.

Project Management Services

Often referred as the “owner’s rep” for design and construction projects, BRE believes first and foremost, the job of a project manager is to advocate on behalf of the client on all aspects of the project.

Owners Representation & Project Management

Whether mid project, in the initial phases or just an idea, BRE provides a full set of services to assemble the right team, lay out a road map outlining key milestones and goals, and organize the project for success.

Team Assembly & Management

We are your match maker.

Bankhead Real Estate has relationships with a wide range of industry professionals, drawing upon the best talent for your project. We take pride in finding the right architect, contractor and consultants to match your project goals.

Business & Organization

We’re an integrated partner.

Real estate projects have a big impact on your company and team. BRE excels at working seamlessly with your organization to plan for future decisions and milestones by working hand in hand with your organization throughout the entire project.


Clean. Clear. Easy to read, down to the penny.

Every invoice, every cost. BRE has developed a best in class system for tracking and managing the budget , cash flow and vendor accounts. We custom tailor this robust process for each project, responding to varying needs in your organization, from high level graphic dashboards to extensive detail tracking for each and every cost.

Reporting & Documentation

Custom reporting scaled to match your needs.

In every project the client has many decisions to make; ranging from picking out a paint color to decisions on contractual business terms with landlords, contractors and vendors. BRE has developed a process responding to the many moving parts of a project. Our reporting and documentation is designed to provide quick access to all the information you need, from high level summaries for boards and executives down to the highest level of detail for end users, finance departments and more.

Design and Construction Consulting

Create and lead RFP processes

Negotiate contracts with consultants, vendors and professionals.

Manage deliverables and schedules.

Negotiate requests for change orders.

Client representation in meetings with vendors, design and construction team, landlords, inspections and city agencies.

Project Phases

Phase 1: Project Initiation & Definition

Successful projects start with some level of project initiation and definition. In these crucial steps, the goals, feasibility, involved parties, scope and desired results are identified and defined.

Typically this phase is completed in 1-3 months for projects that have already largely taken shape, such as moving an existing office to a new location, renovating the current space, etc. For projects that require greater consideration, we provide a much more robust process under consulting services.

Phase 2: Pre-construction & Design

Depending on your organization and progress made in project initiation and definition phase, pre-construction and design often requires the most involvement from the client.

During this phase, the architect and consultants move through the design process from test/fits and schematic design, to design development, to construction documents that are sent out for bids to contractors and for approvals from the buildings department. In each of these phases we work with you to prioritize decisions, provide context to the overall project cycle and ensure the project is moving towards its goals.

This is often a critical phase as review and approvals are underway with landlords, regulatory agencies and also as additional consultants and vendors are brought on to the team.

Phase 3: Construction

Construction is an exciting phase that is often the busiest time for the project’s team. A time when all hands are on deck as decisions start to become a physical reality.

During this phase there are typically weekly meetings with the owner (or representative), design team, contractor, and additional vendors and consultants as needed. BRE works with each member of the team on a daily basis, ensuring coordination, collaboration and that issues are properly tracked and addressed.

With the project team fully engaged, and the fact that construction represents the largest portion of the project budget, spending in this phase is at its highest. During this phase BRE expands its reporting and documentation considerably to control costs and ensure a close eye on current, expected and potential costs.

Phase 4: Closeout

The closeout phase is typically marked by the client occupying the space. During this phase punch-list items are completed, warranties and closeout documents are provided and vendor accounts are closed out. Additionally this is a transition phase for the client, moving into ongoing operations and management of the space. In addition to facilitating the closeout process, BRE provides ongoing services to the client to assist in this transition.

Dee Jay Bankhead

President: Bankhead Real Estate Corp.

Bankhead Real Estate Owner and President, Dee Jay Bankhead believes strongly in bringing a high level of communication and attention to any project that he takes on. Having worked on many projects with diverse teams, multiple stakeholders and high pressure goals, he believes regular and accurate communication is the key to a successful project. Using his diverse background in architecture, development, and consulting, Dee Jay brings a holistic perspective to the management of his client’s real estate projects.

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