Bankhead Real Estate Corp • Commercial Real Estate Consulting Services
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Bankhead Real Estate Corp.

Consulting Services

Consulting encompasses a large umbrella of services custom tailored to meet your needs. BRE works with clients on a range of real estate challenges, from new developments and partnerships, to long term ground leases, scenario analysis and feasibility studies.

Owners Representation & Project Management

Bankhead Real Estate offers comprehensive real estate consulting services for a whole host of real estate challenges that your organization may face. You may have a well developed plan or just beginning to formulate an idea. BRE helps you identify all the factors to consider, formulate a plan, and ultimately move that plan to action.

Defined Scope Project Management

A la Carte Project Management

Sometimes our clients need services on an as needed basis or for a specific scope. This may include offering a second opinion, temporary help during a staffing transition, organizing and coordinating a move, assistance in taking a project to bid, site evaluation, help in value engineering a project etc. BRE offers the flexibility to respond to your unique needs.

Feasibility Studies & Scenario Analysis

What is the project? What are the options?

Critical decisions related to your real estate often require a significant amount of planning, vetting of ideas and exploration of options. BRE is experienced in helping you identify options, articulate key considerations, gather necessary information, and evaluate scenarios with your organization’s stakeholders.

Long Term Ground Leases

Complicated structures organized for long term benefits.

As the name implies, long term ground leases (49 to 99 years) have a lasting impact on your organization and thus require a significant amount of planning and careful consideration. BRE works with you to define goals, articulate business terms, analyze options, work through complications and ultimately to finalized agreements and implementation.

Development, Partnerships, New Ventures

Make your real estate work for you.

BRE works with you to better utilize your real estate to its highest and best use. This may include site master planning, exploring partnership structures, RFP management, identifying code requirements, planning for new organizational programs, and more.

Additional Services Offered

Site Evaluation

Development Consulting: Partnerships & Long-term Ground Leases; New Ventures

Pre-project Planning

Project Management Services: As Needed or Specific Scope

Feasibility Studies and Scenario Analysis: Rent vs Buy; Renovate vs Acquire New Space; Portfolio Analysis and Long Term Planning form Multiple Locations.

Dee Jay Bankhead

President: Bankhead Real Estate Corp.

Bankhead Real Estate Owner and President, Dee Jay Bankhead believes strongly in bringing a high level of communication and attention to any project that he takes on. Having worked on many projects with diverse teams, multiple stakeholders and high pressure goals, he believes regular and accurate communication is the key to a successful project. Using his diverse background in architecture, development, and consulting, Dee Jay brings a holistic perspective to the management of his client’s real estate projects.

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